Regal Assets


Founded: 2003

Owners: Tyler Gallagher (CEO)

Regal Assets Review

Ratings and Press Coverage

Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

Regal Assets is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has received an A+ rating from them. This is the highest rating a company can obtain from the Better Business Bureau.

Business Consumer Alliance Logo

The Business Consumer Alliance has given Regal Assets a “AAA” rating; the highest rating possible. Regal has been a charter member of Business Consumer Alliance since October 2009.

TrustLink Logo
5 Star Rating TrustLink

Regal Assets has a 5 star out of 5 star customer service review from TrustLink. This is the result of over 900 positive reviews for the company.

Regal Assets is the only company at this time in the field of precious metals to have a AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition, the company has in excess of 900 five star customer satisfaction reviews from actual customers listed on TrustLink.

In recognition of the many successes that Regal Assets has had, they have been featured in some of the most popular publications around.

These include Forbes, Reuters, The Street, Inc. Magazine, The Reporter and Smart Money.

Of importance is the fact that Inc. Magazine actually rated them 20th in America for financial services and the company was also featured in the 2013 Forbes Magazine Investment Guide.

Inc 500 Regal Assests 20th in financial services

Storage and Fees

Gold Safe for Storage of Gold IRA Assets

Due to the utilization of Brinks to store investors’ bullion, all purchases are stored separately. Regal Assets is the only company of its kind to offer segregated storage space with a very low, flat annual fee. Typically, comparable companies have a yearly charge of $225.00 for separate storage or this service is not provided at all.

Regal Assets also offers a low and flat yearly administrative fee, while many of the competitor’s administrative fees increase as the account’s value increases. Additionally, the cost for storage will increase as well with an increased value of the account. Typically, these companies do not even offer segregated storage options for accounts, which tends to be more costly than the separate storage offered by Regal.

Shipping Guidelines

Contrary to other financial investment companies, Regal Assets customers typically receive the precious metals within 7 days of funding their particular account. Should they miss the 7-day shipping deadline then customers will receive a free 1-oz. Silver American Eagle coin.

Customers are able to track their order throughout the entire shipping process. They are notified and will receive a tracking number for their package. Regal Assets insures all precious metals shipped and is responsible for all packages until the customer receives and signs for them. All packages are also sent in a discreet manner.

Processing Time

Since Regal Assets processes all transactions electronically, they are putting themselves ahead of the curve. The ability for customers to electronically sign all paperwork ensures the safety and security of their documentation and speeds up the transfer process. Due to their electronic process, they can begin a new Gold or Silver IRA account within a 24-hour period compared to other companies taking five to seven days to open a new account. Transferring monies from a custodian will typically be completed within a 48-hour timeframe compared to other companies taking up to and in excess of one month to perform the same process. Under normal circumstances, once the customer purchases bullion and funds their account, Regal Assets will ship the item or items within 7 days to the investor.

Regal Assets is the sole investment enterprise in the world that ships retirement accounts within one week of funding.

On the whole, other companies take over one month to deliver bullion to their customers.

Yearly Fees for Retirement Accounts

Regardless of every retirement account’s value, Regal Assets charges a yearly flat fee of $250.00. This fee includes the $150.00 charge for segregated storage and the yearly administrative fee of $100.00. All precious metals are fully insured while stored at Brinks. Regal Assets covers all first year fees associated with customers’ retirement accounts. This includes the charges of account set up, storage, administration and the shipping of precious metals. This equates to a savings of more than $500.00 of which the greater part of investment companies will charge the customer. No bullion account with Regal Assets is billed prior to its second year. When the second year begins, a flat fee of $250.00 is charged.

Presently, $10,000.00 is the minimum initial investment necessary for a bullion account. For cash deals, the minimum investment required is $5,000.00.

Conclusion of Regal Assets Review

Without a doubt, Regal Assets is a top precious metal investment company. This is evidenced by the outstanding ratings and also the numerous positive testimonials from actual customers.

When you contact the company, you will be met by customer support staff that are friendly, considerate and most of all competent.

For the beginning investor, employees are there to teach you on the investing facts in the precious metal field. You can feel quite confident that this company will do its best to ensure your account receives the highest return on investment of the funds in your account.

With a Regal Assets precious metals IRA, you will be assigned a personal account adviser that you can contact at any time with questions or concerns.

After you sign up with Regal Assets you will receive a free investment kit which will provide you with a huge edge over nearly all precious metal investors. This kit will expose you to some of the little known secrets of the precious metal industry. Reviewing this information prior to dealing with any other gold dealer would be a very wise decision. Thousands of Regal Assets customers have made profitable gains on their monies for years.

Additionally, this company has been approved by the top consumer protection agencies. Thus, investors who seek are seeking a Regal Assets IRA can be assured Regal Assets is a reliable company to consider for your investment needs.