Finding the right gold investment company to work with is hard for investors. When choosing a possible company to work with, many things can factor in a quality and dependable experience. Kitco is surely a company that investors may choose to deal with.

The usual Kitco Gold review will surely refer to the fact they have been in business for quite some time and Kitco’s experience selling precious metals is undoubtedly one of the few starting points for beginning precious metal investors.

Kitco offers a wide array of various precious metals, which include rounds, bars and coins.  All of which are offered in different gold, silver and platinum. Even though this company does not offer a huge assortment of products, they still present customers with the necessary products without overwhelming them with too many options. It is for this reason they may be a good start for investors who are beginning to trade in the precious metal field.

Investors looking for precious metal bars will immediately see that this company offers a wider array of choices. Bullion bars are available in various sizes from 1 oz. up to 400 oz. Previous customers were satisfied with the competitive prices and the fact that prices did not unexpectedly rise. In addition, investors looking for large quantities of product will find that bulk pricing is available.

There were no shipping complaints reported by previous customers. Kitco utilizes UPS or Fed Ex for their shipping options to ensure safe delivery. Products are discreetly packaged for security purposes. There is the option to increase insurance on the packages to be delivered and the larger the package the higher the fees are.

For extremely large orders, Kitco may choose delivery in several separate packages. This is done for security reasons. For orders over $75,000.00, items are delivered by armored truck. Obviously, this type of delivery increases delivery costs substantially and for security reasons they will not be delivered to a residential address.

Kitco has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB) but it is not accredited.

When it comes to precious metal investing, Kitco may be a good beginning place for those interested in exploring the field. They are a fairly recognized company and their product selection is not overwhelming for beginning investors. Their prices afford first-time customers with an easy experience. Orders arrive in a timely fashion and the option to add additional insurance can add peace of mind for customers.